Terrines Rillettes 140g
Terrines Rillettes 140g. Discover a fantastic selection of Terrines & Rillettes from Comtesse du Barry. Colorful, creative and  delicious, our terrines have it all. Delight your guests by offering our terrines and rillettes as an aperitif, buffet or either as an entry. Assortments are ideal to discover the excellence of different terrines cooked by our Chefs. Rillette Comtesse du Barry is soft, tender,  and also smooth without being fat. All the knowledge of many generations in the service of a simple and delicious product. Comtesse du Barry  prepares Terrines and Rillettes  according to French traditional recipes, and also they are using only fresh and high quality ingredients. Due to french traditions, all our Terrines and Rillettes are free of any additives and preservatives.

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