Comtesse Du Barry

Over 100 years of experience creating gastronomical treasures.

Following natural and pristine preparation practices, Comtesse du Barry requires Label Rouge, free range geese and ducks from the South West of France for its traditional processes. The farms and livestock are regularly inspected by an independant organisation. It has the 'Excellence Gers' status which certifies the quality and source. With over more than 100 years of experience creating culinary delicacies, Comtesse du Barry earned the reputation of being one of the most representative of modern French gastronomy due to their intransigence regarding the quality of their foods. All the ingredients that go into their dishes are rigorously selected with the greatest of care. Comtesse du Barry have been awarded many medals at the Agricultural Show in Paris, they have also won awards at the SISQA (International Food Quality Show) and the SIAL (The French Global Food Marketplace).

A gourmet range of traditional French specialties.

For your convenience, we have made sure to stock a wide selection of the best Comtesse du Barry's Terrines, Rillettes, Foie Gras, Foie Gras specialties and gourmet meals and we deliver Australia-wide.

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