Traditional Duck Foie Gras

Traditional processes and free range birds.

Traditional Duck Foie Gras. Comtesse du Barry ducks and geese are free range and feed by hand with whole grain maize. Following a strict compliance which includes some rigorous specifications regarding the choice of ingredients such as colourant and preservative free, Comtesse du Barry achieves a high level of quality and excellence. Comtesse du Barry offers unique products due to its respect for tradition and at the same time by adding a modern touch to it. Perfection. After all, a Countess would expect nothing less. Comtesse du Barry complies with environmental and hospitality criteria and is also certified AFAQ ISO 9002. Cooked at over 100 degrees celsius, The Comtesse du Barry Foie Gras may be conserved for many years if stored in a cool dry place. And won't  lose any of it's original taste. Many Connoisseurs recommend to store it in order to allow it to age.

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