Gourmet Crackers and Grissini

Gourmet Wine Crackers and Grissini

Margaret river Gourmet Wine Crackers

Margaret River Gourmet Wine Crackers are hand crafted in Margaret River using only natural ingredients and focusing on fresh local flavour combinations.

Free of preservatives or additives, Margaret River Crackers are made with local ingredients including Osmington Organic Garlic, Margaret River chillies, local herbs, Vasse Felix Virgin olive oil, Harvey blue cheese, Margaret River cheddar and beautiful Manjimup truffles.

A range of gluten free crackers, which are made using 5 gluten free flours, are also available in the same amazing flavours!

Grissini : Krissini Margaret River

Roll a slice of prosciutto around it. Plunge it in a creamy sauce like a gourmet truffle spread, hummus or pesto. Add a beautiful fine touch to winter soups and summer salads. Bread crumb the leftovers to blanket deep fried halloumi cheese, mozzarella, schnitzel and stuffed meats. Perfect with local cheese and wine. Small batches, you can eat Krissini as a daily snack, with family meals, or paired with local food and drinks. The light and crispy texture of a freshly baked grissini can only be found locally. Sugar and Preservative FREE. Natural colours and flavours. Vegan-friendly.

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