Block of Goose Foie Gras 65g


Endowed with powerful flavours marked by the country, our gooses foies gras are characterized by the frankness of their aromas and their steady taste.

Our Secret

All the gooses are, as wants it the tradition, manured in the yellow corn in whole grain. Accurately selected, then adorned and flavored in the hand, our foies gras are all cooked without conservative to protect their intact flavours. Every stage of the manufacturing of our foies gras is realized with patience, thanks to the transmission of a home-made knowledge, with in memory the wish of the founders: elaborate the best foie gras of the world. From the beginning to the end of the manufacturing, it is the love of the cooking and the passion of the country which guide our cooks.

The Comtesse’s Pledge of Quality :

  • To realize delicious duck foies gras, we choose exclusively ducks born, raised, fed and cooked in France
  • All ducks come from the breeders of our cooperative which are fully traceable
  • Foies Gras are cooked in our workshops

Serving suggestions:

Toasted sourdough, brioche or slices of spiced bread. Delicious when paired with a slightly sweet wine such as Sauterne, Gewuerztaminer or Champagne.



Block Goose Foie Gras

Block Goose Foie Gras, Comtesse du Barry has introduced this traditional recipe when the company was founded in 1954, the recipe has remained unchanged and still without any additives. The process consists in mixing together a number of foies gras before cooking, which has the advantage of limiting the amount of fat released during cooking. These foies gras are of equal quality and offer a fine presentation and smooth cut. Farm raised duck from South West France.


The Comtesse’s Pledge of Quality :

  • South West France free range goose
  • Cooked in our workshops
  • Traditionally made Foie Gras



Serving suggestions:

On toasted sourdough, brioche, and  paired with a sweet wine like Sauternes, Gewuerztaminer or even a Champagne.

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