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Pork Terrines

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Pork Terrines

For Perfect Pork Terrine, Pate Plus More

When you think about real French food, what comes to mind? A baguette? Soufflé? Escargot? Although these are all great, there are so many more delicious dishes that have the potential to take your taste buds on the best journey of their lives. For example, a well-prepared Blanquette de Veau (veal ragout) will dull every other sense except your smell and taste. A sensationally comforting chicken, tomato and pepper stew, or Poulet Basquaise to the locals, will have you begging for seconds.


Bringing you a plethora of terrine and pate choices

If you’d like to experience a traditional piece of specialist French cuisine but don’t currently have the time to travel abroad, take advantage of the exceptional products we offer at Hubert Gourmet. From pate to pork terrine and everything else we stock, you’re sure to love just how genuine it all tastes.

Every set of taste buds is different, and we know some simply don’t like the taste of pork. If this includes you, don’t fret – we have so much more to choose from! Our range includes a bouquet of different gourmet French terrines as well as ethical foie gras created by renowned company Comtesse du Barry, plus lots more.

We welcome both retail buyers and wholesalers alike, and proudly deliver to anywhere in Australia. So be sure to have a good look through everything on our site!

Have a chat with us today

If there’s anything that you need cleared up concerning any of the items we have including cassoulet gimontois, guinea fowl terrine with apple and calvados and more, the shipping or payment processes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly by phoning our customer service hotline on +61 8 9498 1122. You can also send us an online enquiry and we’ll reply ASAP.